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Wellness Shots

What kind of wellness injections are available?

Luxe Clinical Aesthetics offers wellness injections, including vitamin B-12 and vitamin C. These injections can boost your energy and improve overall wellness, so they’re a great complement to the weight management program.

Luxe Clinical Aesthetics offers a variety of infusion formulas for health and wellness, including infusions tailored for all of the following.

  • Vitamin C for illness and energy boost
  • Vitamin B12 for energy and weight management

There are many other IV infusion options, as well. You can choose general health and wellness infusions with tailored ingredients; talk to your Luxe Clinical Aesthetics provider about what you need.

Need fast recovery, more energy, better sleep, younger skin, or other instant health and wellness benefits? IV therapy at Luxe Clinical Aesthetics is a perfect choice. Call the office now to get started or make an appointment online.