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Female wellness can decline over time, especially during menopause or after childbearing. If you’re feeling embarrassed and frustrated because of a loose-feeling vaginal canal, sagging vulvar lips, or urinary incontinence, ThermiVa® treatment at Luxe Clinical Aesthetics in downtown Willow Glen, San Jose, California, is the perfect gentle vaginal revitalization procedure for all of these concerns — and it’s entirely noninvasive, non-surgical, and hormone-free. Call the office or use the online booking tool to plan your consultation today.

ThermiVa Q&A

What does ThermiVa treat?

ThermiVa improves the tightness of your vaginal canal, which enhances your sexual experience. This treatment also stimulates a lifting and tightening of your labia lips to improve the aesthetic appearance of your vagina. 

ThermiVa treatment can even improve your lubrication to relieve the problem of dryness during sex. ThermiVa also improves the tightness and control of the urethra’s support tissues, which helps with urinary incontinence. 

Some treatment options available help lower libido, giving you an easier orgasm and heightened sensitivity during sexual activity.

What is a ThermiVa treatment session like?

Luxe Clinical Aesthetics customizes ThermiVa treatment sessions for your comfort level. Your care provider uses a slender S-shaped probe that’s only about 0.5 inches wide. It’s exclusively for the delicate vaginal area, and your provider moves it in and around your inner and outer vagina to deliver gentle radiofrequency energy pulses directly to the tissue. 

The radiofrequency energy activates your fibroblasts, the cells that make new collagen. This new collagen tightens and strengthens your vaginal canal and also improves the appearance of your labia lips, providing a lifting effect. Radiofrequency energy also stimulates an increase in blood flow to your vagina, which improves your sensation and responsiveness.

The ThermiVa device modulates power output to ensure that your tissue reaches the ideal temperature for new collagen growth. Your Luxe Clinical Aesthetics provider continually monitors your comfort level during treatment and makes adjustments as needed. The treatment is so gentle and comfortable that you don’t need any anesthesia.

ThermiVa treatment takes only around 40 minutes, with around 20 minutes focusing on the external vaginal tissue and the other 20 minutes treating the internal tissue. 

What is the recovery time for ThermiVa treatment?

There’s no recovery time needed following ThermiVa treatment. Because there’s no soreness or inflammation expected, you can have the treatment and return to your normal daily routine right away. 

How many ThermiVa treatments do I need?

Most women enjoy maximum results with a group of three treatments, one month apart. 

When will I notice results after ThermiVa treatment?

Many women notice the improved sensation, tightening, and lifting as soon as a few weeks after their first ThermiVa treatment session. Your results improve with each session and could last for a year or more. 

For best results, ThermiVa can be combined with the O Shot. Both ThermiVa and the O Shot work together to heighten sensitivity and improve the sensation during sexual activity.

If you think that ThermiVa might be right for you, call Luxe Clinical Aesthetics today or use the convenient online booking tool to make an appointment.