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Intravenous (IV) therapy can help you recover from illness, bounce back from a hangover, improve your skin, or boost your energy when you need it most. At Luxe Clinical Aesthetics in downtown Willow Glen, San Jose, California, the experienced IV infusion specialists offer a variety of drips, including hydration, youth booster, hangover, and many other formulas. Call the office to book your appointment now or use the convenient book online tool.

IV Therapy Q&A

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is an in-office wellness treatment at Luxe Clinical Aesthetics. The treatment’s specific ingredients vary according to your needs and goals, but most IV therapy includes a fluid infusion of vitamins and nutrients. 

Is IV therapy better than oral supplements?

The big advantage of getting the vitamins and nutrients you need through IV therapy is that you’re getting what you need, straight into your bloodstream. 

Although you can take supplements by mouth, you don’t actually absorb most of those capsules or tablets because the digestive process eliminates a lot of them. IV therapy allows virtually 100% absorption since you’re circumventing the whole digestive process. 

With the IV delivery, you also start to feel the effects of the infusion right away, while taking oral supplements takes a very long time to give you serious benefits. 

How does an IV therapy session work?

Luxe Clinical Aesthetics designs IV therapy sessions for your comfort. Your provider discusses your symptoms and/or treatment goals with you first so they can personalize the IV for your needs. They have access to a wide variety of vitamins, nutrients, and other beneficial ingredients that can give you impressive results almost right away. 

Your provider attaches the IV to a vein in your arm, a virtually painless process that takes only a second or two. Then, you sit back to let the IV do its work for around 30-60 minutes. You might feel a little cold at the delivery site (usually, your arm), but it’s not painful. While you’re having IV therapy, you can read or use your phone if desired. 

What kind of IV therapy infusions are available?

Luxe Clinical Aesthetics offers a variety of infusion formulas for health and wellness, including infusions tailored for all of the following.

  • Hydration for dehydration or illness
  • Youth booster to enhance skin
  • Hangover for faster recovery
  • Immunity for overall wellness

There are many other IV infusion options, as well. You can choose general health and wellness infusions with tailored ingredients; talk to your Luxe Clinical Aesthetics provider about what you need.

Need fast recovery, more energy, better sleep, younger skin, or other instant health and wellness benefits? IV therapy at Luxe Clinical Aesthetics is a perfect choice. Call the office now to get started or make an appointment online.