1. Cardiac devices such as AICD’s (auxiliary internal cardiac devices), defibrillators, mechanical valves, pacemakers, or any device that is affected by RF energy
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Active sexually transmitted disease
  4. Current urinary tract infection
  5. Greater than a stage 2 pelvic organ prolapse
  6. Recent vaginal surgery or fillers may require an alternative treatment


  1. If treated externally, skin may be slightly pink to red, swollen and warm to the touch for approximately one-hour post-procedure
  2. Possibility of mild cramping, which should resolve in 24 hours
  3. Light spotting may occur immediately post-procedure


  1. It is recommended to have a normal physical and pap smear within 2 years
  2. If you have frequent urinary tract infections, it may be required by your provider to complete a urinalysis prior to the procedure
  3. Let your physician know if you are prone to herpes outbreaks, as your provider may want to prescribe an antiviral prior to treatment
  4. Inform your physician of any vaginal surgery or if you have been told you have any vaginal prolapse
  5. A negative pregnancy test may be required for women of childbearing age
  6. Increase hydration on day prior to treatment. Drink an extra 4-6 glasses of water. No alcohol 3 days before treatment
  7. Empty bladder immediately before treatment
  8. Clip short the external treatment area or shave the treatment area at least one day prior to the procedure (waxing or laser hair removal 5-7 days prior to avoid further irritation)


  1. Resume normal physical and sexual activity, unless otherwise directed by your provider
  2. No alcohol 3 days after treatment
  3. No restrictions on showering
  4. No restrictions on bathing, swimming or hot tubs (exception: if spotting or mild bleeding, then wait one day)
  5. Call our office if you have bleeding lasting longer than 24 hours, pain uncontrolled by over the counter medication, cramping lasting longer than 24 hours, fever greater than 101°
  6. Follow up one month after each treatment
  7. Space treatments approximately one month apart. A series of 3 treatments recommended; 1 touch-up treatment per year
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